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FARO / Mexico city / Mexico

On the 50th anniversary of the Satélite Towers (1958) designed by Luis Barragán and Mathias Goertiz, now in the process of being catalogued as National Artistic Heritage, ARQUINE announces its 11th International Competition, proposing the design of a “FARO of Satélite” in the plaza where the towers are located. The competition calls for the design of a FARO which would redefine the zone, giving programmatic content to a space that has been rendered incommunicado and generating a new public space.
Theme: FARO (Arts and Crafts Factory) OF SATELITE dedicated to the production / promotion of:
- pop & rock music
- graffiti workshops

Client : ARQUINE
Area : NC
Budget : NC
Schedule : International competition / février 2009
Consultants :