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GUGG / Helsinki / Finland

The essence of traditional museum is usually represented by iconic architecture. Nowadays, building a museum questions the relation between the institution and the visitors. We consider the visitor as the main actor. The project is envisaged as a promenade: a continuous path spiralling through the art collection inviting visitors to explore the architecture’s unique aspect between the Earth, the sea and the sky. The route slopes upwards along the external edge, winds through the galleries, and opens up onto an exterior art space on the rooftop terrace, before it spirals down on the internal edge looking out across the central atrium. If the art collection is the heart of the museum, the visitors are the soul. The visitor’s artistic experience is nourished not only by the art itself: it extends outwards and is enhanced by interactions with the material and immaterial spaces beyond.

Maitrise d'ouvrage : Fondation Guggenheim
Surface : 10 000m2
Budget : NC
Calendrier : Concours Septembre 2014
Collaborateurs :